25 March 2009

Kaspersky keys 100% works

Kaspersky Internet Security 8 Key
Kaspersky Internet Security Key For 7 & 8
Kaspersky Internet Security 6 Key
Kaspersky Anti-Virus Key For 7 & 8

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7 Keygen

This is a keygen for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7. It generates Activation codes which remain valid for a period of 360 days from the date of first install.

NOTE:- To use this Keygen on Vista u need to RUN IT AS ADMINISTRATOR.

Kaspersky Trial Resetter

This is the tool with which u can be assured that ur Kaspersky edition will not stop working just because of absence of working keys. This will provide u with Life-long edition of Kaspersky. This small tool will reset ur Kaspersky trial period n restore it to 30-days. So this means that just resetting the trial period 12 times, will get ur Kaspersky working for an year. The best part is that it is Legal.

Kaspersky 7 Patch

This patch ensures that your key never gets blacklisted & you get unlimited updates on all days.

Kaspersky Key Checker

Now this is one of the most amazing tools regarding Kaspersky, that I have come across.
It is a Key Checker.

What do you think it will do ?

Yup !! you guessed it right. You can check whether the key is blacklisted or not without taking the trouble of deleting the existing key & installing the new one. Isn't it cool ??

WARNING:- Kaspersky detects this to be a Malware. But I assure you it is not a Malware. It does so because it promotes the spread of non-blacklist Kaspersky keys. So I would say its completely safe to keep this tool and ask you to download it only
if you trust me. If you download it, then ADD IT TO TRUSTED ZONE otherwise Kaspersky will keep detecting it to be a malware.



7 Comment:

Sekolah Pramugari said...

Selamat Sore… Salam Kenal dari Balikpapan… Boleh bertukar link..? :)

Mampir NGombe said...

Berkunjung di siang hari..slam sob.....

Evet Hestara said...

Wah..punya gw udah ada keysnya ampe tahun 2010, kapan2 aja deh gw download ya?hehe..
Kl bisa update-annya bang yg terbaru, tp keys gw tkutnya ke blabklist, gmn tu jdnya?

tyo said...

hmm.... terimakasih temen temen sudah mampir kalo masalah black list dari kaspersky saya pake kaspersky internet 7 update tanpa blacklist

Anonymous said...

Are you sure?

TYO said...

yes its tested by me and my antivirus still can update daily

Anonymous said...

You have to use manual update.

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