24 May 2009

Reflexive universal crack+keygen 926 games

Reflexive Arcade Games Universal Crack FFFv4.0-150309
Special Notes :
On some antivirus scan, FFF releases packages can reveal
“Type_Win32″ or “Trojan_Type” virus …
Don’t be stupid ! It’s not a virus or anything else like
that. Just some packers/cryptors which have same binary

But some crackhost can modify or add malicious things on
FFF releases (like “crack.exe”), so please take care.

Version 4.0 *Windows Seven Edition* :
* Fixed some compatibility issues with “Window Seven” .
* Fixed Method 2 “Already Patched” control - nothing really important, btw
* Patch now will work better with dlls.
* Updated Patch to bypass new “game corrupt” message !
* Since some OS can’t run the loader( too old, sorry ) -> Disabling loader creation on old OS
* Clicking on “Play game” no more required for Method 1
* Can unwrap “trial expired” games.
* Can choose unwrapped filename (so you can replace original file, no need to rename anymore)
* Desktop Shortcut created with Method 3 now display “Play FULL”.
* “Autofind” ask you before taking action.
* FAQ Updated, READ IT !

First, install your game
Then launch the crack.
Choose your cracking method (i advice you to keep Method 1)
Click on “Go”
Select your game exe file (usually “mygame”.exe) in the game folder
If you choosed Method 2, game will be patched. That’s all. But if you choosed Method 1, the game will be launched.
During unwrapping process, some crazy Firewall/Antivirus may warn you. Just allow the crack to “Open a processus”. I need it, really !
If game is launched, you’ll have to choose Method 2. But if it works, you’ll have to save unwrapped game..
Save the unwrapped file. You may keep original name or use another.
Try the unwrapped file you just save. Launch the game.. Its CRACKED NOW *grin*. (And no nag screen will bother you )
Well, OK.. If Method 1 or Method 2 can’t crack the game, use the “Loader” (see FAQ)1



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