15 June 2009

INDEX OF NOKIA FIRMWARE (update June 2009)

Dtyo Tech - Here list Index Of Nokia Firmware Update For June, May Be Dtyo Tech Subscrider Need One Of all This Software so let Me know if you want to download Index Of Nokia Firmware below Just Write Comment and Firmware Request I will Upload it for you Its Hard If I upload All this Firmware :D

1110i RH-93_dp_v_15_00_MCUSW7_02
1112 RH-93_dp_v_15_00_MCUSW7_02
1200 RH-99_dp_v_27_00_MCUSW4_51
1208 RH-105_dp_v_28_00_MCUSW5_06
1600 RH-64_dp_v_34_00_MCUSW7_02
1650 RM-305_dp_v_25_10_all_exMQ.exe
1650 RM-305 dp v 34 00 MCUSW5 53

2310 RM-189_dp_v_15_00_SW6_52
2600c RM-340_dp_02.10_ams_sw-05.22
2610 RH-86_dp_190.00_ams_sw-06.70
2626 RM-291_dp_42.00_ams_sw-06.80
2630 RM-298_dp_10.13_ams_sw-05.20
2630b RM-299_dp_05.26_ams_sw-04.20
2630b RM-299_dp_10.11__sw-04.20
2660 RM-292_dp_15.06_ams_sw-05.20
2760 RM-258_dp_11.06_ams_sw-05.20

3110c RM-237_DP20_3.00_sw-05.50
3110c RM-237_DP20_4.00__sw-06.01
3110c RM-237_DP20_8.50__sw-07.21
3250 RM-38_CareDP_17.0_RM-38_SW4.60
3600slide RM-352 DP20 3.00 sw 5.20

5070 RM-166dp_v_4.00__mcu04.23
5200 RM-174_DP20_6.00__sw-05.53
5300 RM-146_DP20_4.95_sw-05.50
5310 RM-303_DP20_2.00_sw-03.63
5310 RM-303 DP20 7.00 sw-09.42
5610 rm242_CareDP_8.0_GLOBAL
5700 rm230_CareDP_13.0_EMEA_APAC 05.11
5700 RM-230_CareDP_10.1_RM-230_EMEA_APAC
5800 XM RM-356 APAC 10.0.010 v1.0
5800 XM RM-356_APAC v11.0.008
5800 XM RM-356_APAC_20.0.012_v4.04
5800 XM RM-356 APAC 21.0.025 v5.0
5800 XM RM-356_EMEA_21.0.025_v5.0

6070 RM-166dp_v_4.00__mcu04.23
6080 RM-166dp_v_4.00__mcu04.23
6086 RM-188 CareDP 5.0 EMEA
6110n RM-122_CareDP_13.0_APAC
6110n rm122_CareDP_16.0_EMEA
6110n rm122_CareDP_13.0_EMEA
6120c rm243_CareDP_33.0_APAC
6120c rm243_CareDP_22.0_EMEA_APAC_LTA
6121 RM-308_Major_Data_Package_8.0_MCU_SW4.09_EMEA_APAC
6131 RM-115_DP20_5.00_sw-06.60
6151 rm200_CareDP_84.0_EMEA.exe
6151 rm422_CareDP_1.1_EMEA_APAC
6220c RM-328 EMEA 04.13 v4.0
6233 rm145_CareDP_142.0_GLOBAL
6234 RM123_CareDP_205.0_EMEA_APAC_ALL SW5.43
6260 Slide RM-368 CareDP 3.0_APAC
6267 RM-210_CareDP_6.0_GLOBAL
6267 RM-210_SW03.22_DP4.0_global
6280 RM-78_dp_v_348.0_mcusw06.43_Global
6288 RM-78_dp_v_348.0_mcusw06.43_Global
6290 RM-176_CareDP_8.0_EMEA
6300 RM-217_dp20_4.00_sw-05.50
6300 RM-217 DP20 5.60 sw-06.01 - torrent
6300 RM-217_DP20_5.20__sw-06.01
6300 RM-217_DP20_8.00__sw-07.21
6300 RM-217 DP20 8.20 sw-07.21
6301 RM-322_DP20_1.00_sw-04.61
6500c rm265_CareDP_18.0_All_minus_APAC
6500c rm265 CareDP 20.0 All minus APAC
6500s rm240_CareDP_18.0_GLOBAL
6555 RM-271_dp_v04.00_MCUSW3.31

7310c RM-379_DP20_2.40__sw-08.20
7370 RM-70 DP20_6.00_SW04.51(*for use in China)
7900 rm264_CareDP_19.1_GLOBAL

8600 rm164_CareDP_4.0_GLOBAL
8800E-1 rm233_CareDP_4.0_GLOBAL
8800E-1 rm233_CareDP_10.0_All_minus_APAC_China
8800Arte RM-233 CareDP 16.0 APAC China

E50-1 RM-170_EMEA_LTA_07.36.0.0_v6.0
E50-2 RM-171_EMEA_LTA_07.36.0.0_v6.0
E51 RM-244_EMEA_100.34.20_v1.0
E65 RM-208_EMEA_LTA_2.0633.65.01_v4.0
E65 RM-343_EMEA_102.07.81_v2.16
E66 RM-208_emea_3.0633.69.00_v6.0
E71 RM-346 APAC 200.21.118 v3.0
E71 RM-346 APAC_200.21.118_v3.08
E90 RA-6_07.40.1.2.V4.0

N72 RM-180_EMEA_v5.0_5.0734.4.0.1
N72 RM-180 APAC v8.01 5.0819.4.0.1 - torrent
N73 RM-133 EMEA 4.0747.31.0.1 v11.0
N73 RM-133_ME_APAC_4.0750.31.2.1_v7.0
N73 RM-133_EMEA_4.0748.2.8.5_v12.0
N73 RM-133 V4.0839.42.2.1 AR
N76-1 RM-135_APAC31_31.0.014_v11.0
N76-1 RM-135_EMEA31_31.0.014_v11.0
N78 RM-235_APAC_12.046_v4.03
N78 RM-235_APAC_20.149_v7.0
N78 RM-235 MEA 20.149 v7.0
N78 RM-235 APAC 21.002 v8.0
N79 RM-348 APAC 10.045 v1.0
N79 RX-34_v4.0_4200738-2 (Internet Tablet)
N810 RX-44_v2_0_1200742-19
N81-1 RM-179_APAC110_11.0.045_v3.0
N81-1 RM-179_APAC110_11.0.045_v3.02
N81-3 RM-179_EURO110_11.0.045_v3.0
N81-3 RM-223_APAC110_11.0.045_v3.0
N81-3 RM-223_MEA110_11.0.045_v3.0
N82-1 RM-313_APAC_20.0.062_v3.0
N92 RM-100_EMEA_5.0748.2.0.4_v4.0
N93i RM-156_EMEA_30.0.013_v4.0
N95-1 N95-1 RM-159_APAC_21.0.016_v5.0
N95-1 RM-159_MEA_21.0.016_v5.0
N95-2 RM-320_EURO_20.0.016_v4.0
N95-8GB EURO_30.0.018_v5.0
N96 RM-247 EMEA 11.101 v03.00
N96 RM-247_APAC_20.050_v05.00

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Anonymous said...

ok thank's for rm247

Aditya said...

N72 RM-180 APAC v8.01 5.0819.4.0.1 - torrent

i want to download this software plz upload it & plz tell how to update me mobile with this software

thank ....

Anonymous said...

N72 RM-180 APAC v8.01 5.0819.4.0.1
i need this please but i dont need a torrent, i need a normal dowwnload.10kx

G.mustafa taj said...

You will receive 24/7 free online support for this product from our engineers via Support Board, E-Mail, Remote Teamviewer Support, Online Live Support, Skype or by phone! We are Germany's only shop offering you this vast range of support options

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i want nokia 6120 classic software.i forget the security code.how can i download the software?

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