21 July 2009

Report The Prankster Number

There are too many people around the States. All of them use the different phone numbers and sometimes they annoy us with the wrong phone call because they think we are their friends or relatives. Sometimes, it can be solved just by saying “you’ve called the wrong number”. But sometimes, the caller too persistent and they think that we are lying or stealing the number. In the end they keep calling us and it is really a bothersome.

When this happens to you, the think that you should do is reporting the number to the phone number registry. This will help you to manage the phone that you won’t to pick up and you can avoid those annoying calls. National Phone Registry is the best place for this. Their phone registry system is covered all landlines and cell phones’ numbers in the United States and Canada. So, you can identify the culprit easily.

Visit their official website at Nationalphoneregistry.net immediately once a real annoying caller start to bother you.


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