12 August 2009

IP Tracker

The world of internet has grown so fast that it has been used by many people to do all their tasks. People connect to the internet using computer or laptop and every laptop or computer has their own address that often called IP address. This IP address is just like your house address and you can search it. To search IP addresses, you need to know first your target IP and then open Track-ip.com.

This Track-ip.com is the easiest way to track IP address. You can do the IP Search from this website. If you open this website, you will see your own IP address in the What’s My IP bar. You can also see the map laid in the right side of the website to see the exact location of the target IP. You can zoom in the map to see the location clearer. The website also provides facilities to identify the bearer or the internet service provider of your internet connection.

If you are curious about someone’s IP address just go to this website and enter his IP address and the website will directly show and display the exact location of the Target IP. This website is easy to use, just simply enter the IP and hit the search button.


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