11 August 2009

Anna Montella HALLOWEEN Costume

Anna Montella is a party lover. She will never absent in the party at her campus, office or even in small party where only her neighbors who attending the event. Yes, all her habits started since she found adult's Halloween costumes which is cute and unique on the internet. Then she bought and tried to wear in homecoming party at her school when she was in high school. She became prom queen, what an amazing. Now she becomes the party queen at her campus and her office. Everyone loves to ask her go to party, because she is very friendly and can dancing well.

Momentarily Halloween and I guarantee she will not pass that party. Even she got two invitations of Halloween party at the same time. First the invitation from her office in the day time and party invitation nighttime of her campus

“Brillie, what should I wear in Halloween party?” ask Clarissa.

“This one”

“…or this one”

She showed me two pictures of her costumes, both are sexy Halloween costumes. Well, I don’t what is the best for her. But then I suggest her to choose the angel costume for campus Halloween party and Dragon Geisha costume for the office Halloween party. Now she is looking for another iPhone Halloween costumes in online costume store which have many collection of Geisha costume.

Why I suggest her to become Geisha? Because I love Japan and I would like to see my best friend wear dress from the country which I admire so much. I will help her too in makeup like I usually did. She didn’t trust another make up artist except me; yeah I’m good at computer and also good at make up. I can make over her to be pretty girl in the world with my hands and also the costume that she wears. Can’t wait to see how beautiful is she.


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